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Updated July 29, 2020

Purchasing Puppies


We ask that everyone wishing to purchase an Australian Cattle Dog puppy from us fill out a questionnaire about your experiences with dogs and the environment you plan to bring your new puppy into. This questionnaire will help you and us understand if an Australian Cattle Dog is the right choice for you and your family.

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Reserving Puppies

When we are planning litters of puppies we will post our litter plans and allow you to reserve a puppy from the litter.  To reserve a puppy you will need to sign a litter deposit form where you specify your desires in the sex of the puppy you want and its markings.  You will be expected to put down deposit at the time the deposit form is signed.  The deposit is applied to the final purchase of the puppy. The deposit is not refundable unless we are unable to deliver the puppy you reserved.  After 5 weeks of age you will not be able to reserve a puppy.  Instead you will need to complete a purchase agreement and pay the full price for the puppy. You can call or Email us to start the process of reserving a puppy

Contact Us

We post litter pictures on the website so you can check out the puppies as they mature.  If you want to come visit the puppies after they are born we can arrange a time for a visit.  Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment. 

Purchasing Puppies

The Australian Cattle Dog is an very active breed and need a level of active mental and physical stimulation to be at their best.  A bored ACD can be a destructive because they will find things to do to stimulate themselves that you may not appreciate.  The Australian Cattle Dog is a social breed that needs to be involved with it's "people". Because the Australian Cattle Dog is an active breed, a consistent plan must be made for exercise and enrichment. Anyone considering purchasing a puppy will need to complete and submit a questionnaire to be sure they will be bringing the puppy into the proper environment.  See the the questionnaire tab for the details of the questionnaire and to submit it. 

Puppies are typically weaned and ready for their new owner at 8 weeks of age. A complete medical history of the puppy will be provided as part of the delivery package. 

If you want to purchase a puppy we encourage you to contact us as soon as you are sure and complete a litter deposit form for the puppy you want.  We are not a puppy mill so litters are limited and as the puppies mature they become so dam cute they are quickly purchased even before they are weaned.  If you are paying by check we ask that you complete the purchase agreement and make the payment at least a week before you plan to pick up the puppy.

If you have reserved a puppy we will contact you around the 7 week point to obtain the final payment for the puppy and arrange a time for you to come and pick up your new companion.  If you are paying by check we ask that you complete the purchase agreement and make the payment at least a week before you plan to pick up the puppy.